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Front Street Wedding - Melbourne Florida Photography

June 07, 2016  •  2 Comments

What a great wedding at Front Street in Melbourne, Florida. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon too. I always have a great and exciting time shooting weddings and this wedding was a different kind of exciting.

I got to the Crowne Plaza where the girls were to get ready. Just like most weddings, they were running behind. I took a few photos and then they all started the process of getting ready. Next I went to the beach for the ceremony. It was a beautiful spot and decorated very nicely. I saw all the groomsmen and Ryan on the deck just as the SpaceX rocket launched. 


The ceremony started and I thought something was missing. Then I realized that there was no music. Once the ceremony ended I saw the bride and groom discussing the lack of music. It was then apparent that this wasn’t the plan. We called the DJ that was supposed to be there and got no answer. I had never heard of a confirmed vendor just not showing up, with no communication. I then called a few people I knew, as well as the newly wed to see if anyone could cover for the missing DJ. I got an amazing response from Celebrations DJ’s and DJ Shane. They both called and said they could have someone there in time for the wedding reception. They ended up going with DJ Shane just because of how fast the call back was. Let me tell you Ryan and Kara handled the issue absolutely amazingly. It was a true first test of their marriage and they handled it seamlessly.

With a need for time at the wedding reception for the DJ to set up, I had plenty of time to take pictures and I capitalized on that. We had photos in two beautiful locations. With the little setback, the wedding reception was only delayed by 15 minutes. DJ Shane’s MC that was sent was a true hero and made it seem as if he was the DJ planned for months.

Yet another great wedding and definitely one for the books. Congratulations Ryan and Kara! I had a great time and loved capturing your special day. 


I'm glad everything worked out for them. I've never been to a wedding that didn't have at least one little hiccup.

I surely hope my DJ shows up at my wedding in January!!
Karen Colby(non-registered)
So beautiful and shame on the loser DJ who didn't show! Good was excellent the day was perfect the hair of the ladies was perfect and flowers stupendous!!!! Most fun ever! Bartender and the fireball was funny too. Ryan/Kara
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