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Should I Get A Videographer For My Wedding?

September 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's difficult to explain to a soon-to-be bride and groom why a professionally shot wedding video is so important. There are many reasons to capture this special event but only one reason not to. Money. When you start to add up everything that it costs to plan a wedding, it starts to get very pricey. One thing that people drop the fastest is videography. This is the biggest regret from people I speak with. A comment I hear from brides after their wedding is 'I wish that I had done video for my wedding'. I have even heard a few brides say it on the actual day of their wedding but I have never heard a bride and groom say, "I wish I would have saved a few hundred bucks instead of film my wedding."  

Many times when meeting with the bride and groom I hear, “what are we going to do with a wedding video? Watch it once and let it collect dust?".  My answer to that is simple. This is not a one shot straight on look at your wedding that you can’t wait to get to the end of. It's like a movie trailer of the best parts of your entire day. There is sound captured for speeches and entrances that you can’t get with photographs. I personally had video done at my wedding. My wife and I watch it on special occasions together. There is also the fact that being the bride and groom at your wedding means there are just some things you are just going to miss out on. There are things you will never be able to see without video. Photography simply does not deliver the quality of sound and raw emotion of the day. In most every instance, it's after the wedding that you start to understand the joy of reliving your wedding day. That's when you notice the many things you missed like listening to your vows and the toasts or soaking in the excitement when your DJ announces you into the ball room for the first time as husband and wife.

Now video is not a need on the things you must have for your wedding but it should be the first want on your list. Here at 65 Productions our goal is to see you happy and able to have videography for your wedding day. That’s why we offer very affordable videography for any budget.  


65Productions Wedding VideographyIf you are looking for a great memory of your wedding day this is it. Six Five Productions offers a great affordable way to montage your wedding. You will be very pleased with every detail that is captured of your wedding day.

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