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Never Forget How You Started

September 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes I like to look back at how I got started doing wedding photography/videography to see how different things are now. I was lucky to get that first wedding. I was working as a bartender at night. During the day I was shooting car photos and doing YouTube adds for a local car dealership. I was working 70-80 hours a week including my drive time to and from Orlando and Merritt Island. Every cent I earned from the dealership during the day went to buying equipment for video and photography. I finally had a decent DSLR camera that shot 1080i for video as well as performed photography functions. One night in Orlando while bartending, a friend came in with her girlfriends. She was talking to them about how she wished she could afford a videographer. I then jumped right in and said “I can do that.” She then laughed it off like 'yeah right.' I told her that I was serious and would do the whole thing for $150. She then jumped at the offer. I did videography for her wedding and took a few photos as well (see below). I love doing video for weddings and I think it is way easier for me but not everyone wants videography. I wanted a bigger market that I could sell to. With a little word of mouth and those few photos from the first wedding, I was able to book my first wedding photography job. With the lack of experience I was VERY affordable. I did photography and videography for 12 hours. I only charged a grand total of $800. I realized during that wedding that photography is exhausting and the major work begins after the wedding is over. I shot about 5,000 photos; I didn’t want to miss anything. 200 gigs and about 100 hours of editing later, I completed my first full wedding job. Since then word of mouth and my portfolio have opened doors for me to do more photography and videography for weddings.

(Here are a few photos of the first wedding that I did)

I like to remind myself of those first few weddings and how appreciative the brides and grooms were to have a next to nothing photographer/videographer. I especially enjoyed helping my friends out with an affordable way to capture their wedding day. We want to keep blessing young couples with our services and take on a wedding for free once a year now. I believe that it has been more rewording for us as a company than the couple that we bless. I also believe that it keeps us grounded and reminds us that we are capturing memories and not just trying to get the job done.

This year we chose a wonderful couple from Satellite Beach. When I first spoke with her on the phone, I found out that her now husband was in the military and they weren’t even in the same town most of the time. I called the person that referred her to us and was told that she had just graduated from college and was an amazing person that was always happy and would volunteer from time to time. We knew that they were the right couple for this year. After shooting their wedding, I thought it was amazing to see such an appreciative, beautiful young couple that didn’t get caught up in all the stresses of the day. 

Special thanks to make.up by diana for also participating in this wonderful free wedding idea. 

(Here are a few shots from their beautiful day)

Let us know if you know someone that you think is deserving of a there wedding being free!!!

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