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Georgianna and Crowne Plaza Wedding Photography

October 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Winnie and Rhys' Wedding Preview (10-10-15)

What an amazing and fun wedding to have the pleasure of shooting. How could you not have a fun time though with Rhys yelling at you every two seconds about how he is over taking pictures, when the wedding ceremony hadn't even started yet? I always enjoy a good banter back and forth.

The wedding ceremony took place at our home church, Georgianna United Methodist in Merritt Island, FL. It is always nice to shoot in your home court. Things started off sunny and bright when my wife and I arrived. We then went inside and started our routine (me on videography and my wife shooting bridal preparation photos). The rain came pouring down about 10 min before ceremony start time and stopped shortly after which gave us just enough time to get all the shots after the wedding that we needed. My wife, who headed down to the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne Beach before me called and said the whole parking lot was flooded and the venue under the tent outside was flooded. I was a little scared on the drive over and started praying for clear skies. Kelly and Jerry, Winnie’s mother and father informed me that they were right behind doing the same thing. Sure enough the rain stopped. God is good and the skies were clear. Not only was it clear with no rain the rest of the night, the rains aftermath made for the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen on the east coast of Florida.

Winnie looked so beautiful and happy that it made it so easy to capture her. Rhys made it easy for me to catch Winnie smiling every time they were together. There are very few couples that see rain on the horizon of their wedding day and remain unfazed. I am so blessed that I got to capture their amazing love for each other.  

(Wedding Preview)


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