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 Hello, my name is Joe Kennedy. This is my wife Shawna pictured here with me. We are a husband and wife shooting team. We love weddings almost as much as we love photography/videography. We are the type of people that will be having fun in line at the DMV. I am the more outspoken one and my wife is more reserved and quiet. We think it makes for a good combination in that she keeps me from saying not saying everything that comes into my head and I get her to be more outgoing than she normally would be. We were both born and raised in Merritt Island, Florida. I am a Full Sail graduate, with a degree in film. My wife was a dental professional for 9 years and has now returned to her love for photography as my second shooter. I began working in film with producing commercials and even did a television show. I then started wedding videography. I have since expanded into photography and think it is my new love. My wife started in photography with a class in high school and feel in love with shooting there. She then dove into her career as a dental professional and grew away from photography. We met about one year into me starting 65 Productions when I was more into the production side of our company and just doing weddings here and there. Along the way of us dating she told me of her love of photography and that she always wanted to get back into it. Lets just say I was her dream man. After we got engaged she started to shoot weddings with me and I soon found out that she was an incredible photographer and enhanced our quality immediately. Lets just say God had a plan for us to meet and become photographers and we love every minute of it. 


65Productions started in 2012 with shooting of cars commercials. We have had nationally broadcasted photos and are consistently making local televised commercials, wedding photography, maternity photography, short films, and much more. My wife and I privately own and operate 65 Productions. Let us know if you like what you see and schedule your consultation today