What a great story this is! I love and get excited to shot all engagement photos. This one I was really excited for! I first contacted Aly on Facebook when I saw she was looking for someone to shoot engagement photos for her. After talking to her a little bit she had no set date that she would be able to shot these engagement photos. You see her fiancée, Jesse is active military and they had a span of around 20 days that he possibly could be on leave for. I told her absolutely no need to worry. I left my weekdays at the end of June open until I heard more. Good think, he got home and they decided to pick the end of June for this shoot. I took them to my new go to spot for photography. I love the solitude and landscape of nothingness but nature around you. It started off a bit rainy at the beginning of this day but we were determined to get photos done that day for lack of any other available times. We got some great shots and had a great time.

Jesse is now back protections are county and sacrificing so much for us to be free. He is returning only one day before the wedding. We will be praying for his safe and timely return as well as help for his soon to be wife’s planning a wedding without him in town. Can’t wait till the wedding!!!